Rocky’s cruises are the most fun ever……brings back all the memories of our teenage years….the music is fantastic, ships are great and the fun never ends…..have been on two of these, would love to do it every year!
Julie Gunderson Brovold

2017 Cruiser

Rockin the Caribbean® 2024


Adventure of the Seas

Trade “sea days” for “see more” days on an all-around all-star – Adventure of the Seas®. Experience more to do onboard, with fewer days between some of the world’s most exotic shores.

Something Special

You never know what stories you will hear! Talking to the fans is sometimes the best part of the week! A night of Rockaroake!  Trivia!   The Prom


Dining options on board Royal Caribbean’s fleet will delight the senses.

The Caribbean

There's the Caribbean you know. And then there's the Royal Caribbean. Trekking to Turtle Cove in Charlotte Amelie, St. Thomas, and getting up close and personal with dolphins in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Off-roading in Oranjestad, Aruba, and exploring the...
Most fun as a performer.. Just seeing the joy on the peoples faces..One of the best , if not the best experiences of my performing career. ! Jay Siegel’s Tokens
Jay Siegel

Original Lead Singer of The Tokens

Best part of our 2nd Rocky cruise was rubbing shoulders with so much musical talent from the 50-60s. Rocky and all the performers are good people.
Nancy Maynard

2016 Cruiser

Getting to do it again for the fifth year in a row! Can’t wait till next year.
Stephanie Dunlap Nunziante

2017 Cruiser

Loved all of the performers!! Dancing while the original artists sang right in front of us was awesome!

Margaret Macaulay

2016 Cruiser